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One unified platform. Multiple advantages.

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The Neara Platform can become a unified, centralized hub for a utility’s network asset data, enabling the utility to make better and faster decisions across its network.

Actionable value:

De-risk your entire network

Identify the most at-risk areas of your network accurately by simulating your network under various conditions (e.g., wind, snow, ice, floods, etc.).

Correct your asset location and condition

Quickly and seamlessly identify missing assets and correctly geo-locate your assets based on raw LiDaR data.

Manage network compliance easier

Neara helps ensure your power network remains compliant with regulatory requirements (e.g., vegetation clearance, pole-tip loading requirements, etc.).

Conduct bespoke and advanced analysis

Conduct bespoke and custom analysis on your 3D network model with ease (e.g., advanced vegetation management) to quickly identify risks and take corrective action.

Optimize CAPEX and OPEX

Enable more accurate data-driven decisions on construction and maintenance, reducing OPEX, REPEX and CAPEX spend.

Secure, cloud-based collaborative software

As a cloud-based platform, teams can access, share, collaborate, and iterate on design and analysis effortlessly and from anywhere.

Tangible benefits:

  • Plan for and respond faster to extreme weather events, gaining higher grid resilience and faster restoration of power to communities
  • Optimize asset inspection spend by reducing the number of site inspections through the ability to triage network risks with minimal manual inspections
  • Increase design speed and accuracy using ease-to-use and collaborative, engineering-grade overhead and underground design tools for transmission and distribution assets
  • Optimize vegetation trimming and inspection spend through reduced site visit frequency and improved trimming accuracy, strategic work bundling of inspections and maintenance, and desktop scoping and auditing for field teams and management
  • Conduct asset level analysis quickly and easily such as FEA, pole/tower loading calculations, line rating studies, and other analytics ~30x faster than traditional methods
  • Optimize asset replacement and repair decisions with improved intelligence of asset location, age and condition to optimize their life cycle, such as determining whether a pole should be replaced/repaired immediately or deferred; and enabling proactive asset remediation before failure
  • Institute more efficient and comprehensive vegetation management through a sophisticated, risk-based approach including tree growth predictions, simulating conductor sway under high wind conditions, and calculating custom clearance/encroachment formulas, enabling better management of vegetation clearance requirements

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