30x faster and 99% more accurate Point Cloud Processing

Transform your raw point cloud data into clean insights you can depend on

Get your point cloud data processed 30x faster with Neara. This onshore AI/ML platform denoises and classifies raw data with 99% accuracy — cutting the manual point cloud analysis that slows your turnaround time. It’s a win-win: rapid, high-quality insights utilities can count on, and higher margins with the capacity you need to land bigger project bids.

Automated point cloud classification you can trust

Classify 1,000+ miles of network territory in less than a day. Through rapid pattern-matching across vast databases, Neara’s AI identifies feature classes with 99% precision. Leave the vegetation, poles, cables, conductors and buildings, plus non-standard objects like antennas and small roof objects, analysis to us. Eliminate common manual classification errors and deliver rapid, high-quality projects with confidence. Meanwhile, your team can focus on the critical last-mile analyses that separate your team from the rest.

Power bigger projects with AI

Take on more projects at better margins

Automating point cloud classification frees your team for tasks that warrant their expertise. Neara helps you reduce project turnaround time and expand your margins without burning additional resources. Plus, you can consolidate all workflows into one place — giving you a bird’s-eye view of all your projects at once.

Grow your business with Neara

Deepen partnerships with tangible insights

Rapid, cost-effective LiDAR classification frees you to generate vectorized reports through Neara that reveal key findings on clearance, vegetation management and more. By merging custom plug-and-play findings with classified LiDAR, you can help utilities solve their most pressing problems without draining your team’s capacity.

Jump from classifying to reporting with ease

Test us against a manual data set

You’ve probably been burned by less-than-accurate automation tools before. But Neara is different — and you don’t have to take our word for it. That’s why we offer free accuracy tests. Send us a data sample and you can compare our AI classification against an old dataset you’ve manually processed in-house. We think you’ll like what you see.

Stop choosing between consistency, speed and accuracy

The insights buried in raw point clouds are too important for slow, inaccurate manual classifications. But you need data you can trust. That’s why our complimentary consultations include a free manual dataset test: send us your classified data, and we’ll show you Neara’s classification precision by the weekend. By offloading tedious point cloud processing onto our platform, you’ll reduce turnaround time without sacrificing accuracy. And those increased margins are exactly what you need to keep growing your business.