Case Study: Network Digitization

A large Australian utility with >150k kilometres ( > 90k miles) of network under management and over one million poles partnered with Neara to better understand their assets.

Recap: The Evolution of Digital Twins and Virtual Environments

How next generation digital twins are changing asset management and delivering benefits

Neara: Overview

Learn how our innovative digital twin technology can help utilities modernize the grid for the future.

Neara Platform: How It Works

With the digital twin of your network in place within the Neara platform, leverage it to solve different problems for other business units in order to achieve a broad range of

Neara: Structural Analysis

With Neara’s next-generation physics-enabled digital twin technology, utilities can more easily maintain the structural integrity of poles and assets.

Overhead and Underground Network Design

Neara’s design tools have been widely adopted by energy utilities as an overhead line design solution.

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