Trusted across 1,000,000 network miles

Simulate any field condition across every mile of your network

Put your LiDAR, GIS and satellite imagery to work with Neara. By building a 3D model of your network with that data, you can simulate any scenario to see the impact on your infrastructure without any field visits. Analyze vegetation risks, severe weather, decarbonization milestones, new build routes and more. This is the data you need to strengthen your grid and deliver safe, reliable service to your community with fewer, shorter outages.

Real-world simulations — and solutions

  • Eliminating 300 hours of manual inspection time post-flood

    “Using Neara’s platform, we were able to simulate the impact of major flooding to help restore power to affected customers in a safe and timely manner. We eliminated 300 hours of inspection time and targeted our response to the customers that needed our assistance the most.”

    Scott Ryan

    Chief Asset and Operating Officer

    Revamp flood response strategy in 48 hours
    4x faster line rating studies than competitor programs
  • Unlocking 2x network capacity without new infrastructure

    “We have found that the temperature our lines can operate at is much higher than we previously understood. Historically, we have had to apply a crude standard across the network. By modeling each span individually, we found that in many parts, the capacity is twice as high as we previously thought.”

    John Cleland


    Doubled network capacity for 900,000+ homes and businesses
    Concept-to-network design in 85% less time
  • Restoring power 3x faster to 1.7 million people after a major flood

    “By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer for many customers along the river as the floodwaters rose and also restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energization of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.”

    Doug Schmidt

    General Manager

    Restored power 3x faster
    Assessed 21k spans in 15 minutes — not months
  • Identifying vegetation encroachment risks 10x faster in wildfire-prone areas

    “Integrating Neara’s simulation functionality into our operations has introduced new standards of speed, thoroughness, and consistency to our inspections that we’re excited to have codified. We believe this will be instrumental in helping us reduce fault risks by more than 50% in our first year.”

    Vegetation Program Manager

    10x faster identification
    Cut 1,000+ unnecessary field visits in 9 months

Because vegetation doesn't stick to a schedule

Your legacy paper process makes it hard to know where vegetation growth threatens your grid with fires and outages. Virtualize field visits and simulate how your assets will interact with vegetation in any set of weather conditions for targeted management that reduces unnecessary field surveys. The result? More efficient operations — and fewer risks to catch you off-guard.

Predictable vegetation management starts here

Protect against weather events

Hurricane from space making landfall

Extreme weather often requires split-second, life-and-death decisions that can profoundly impact your community. Simulating severe wind, heat, flooding and wildfire before they occur gives you the data you need to plan for the real thing. And you can prioritize the initiatives — from undergrounding to stay installation to covered conductor deployment — that enable faster and safer recoveries for everyone.

Stress test before severe weather strikes

Overcome clean supply challenges

Demand response is more important than ever. But red tape and skeptical stakeholders are stalling your new transmission activations. Neara compresses your line planning and design timelines while surfacing net new capacity within your existing infrastructure. You can provide your team, regulators and customers with visualizations in weeks — not months or years — while optimizing the assets you already have. And when it’s go-time, there’s no question you can’t answer.

Build a cleaner, more dependable network

Answer any question with network-wide simulations

  • Where are my biggest vegetation encroachment risks?

    Prioritize the right pruning and clearance work by testing:

    • Compounding conditions like wind, precipitation and temperature
    • Automated task auditing to keep every team member same-paged
    • The underlying risks and costs of your vegetation budget
  • Where should my teams restore power first once the hurricane ends?

    Restore power for the greatest number of people by:

    • Simulating storms to identify which parts of your network will be hit hardest
    • Communicating the impacts of water levels, wind speeds and their real-time impacts with dispatch teams
    • Plotting the fastest course to safe power restoration with a clear picture of accessible equipment
  • How much more energy can I bring online without violating clearance rules this summer?

    Unlock more capacity across existing assets by exploring:

    • Atmospheric conditions like wind and temperature
    • The impact of loading issues on demand and consumer rates
    • Line degradations that require a swift response from your team

Make better, faster decisions with Neara

See how Neara can improve your network management with a demo. You’ll experience more than a detailed overview of our platform — you’ll directly manipulate its features to see how different events impact the grid. Try everything from moving poles to flooding valleys and increasing wind speeds. With Neara, any engineering-grade simulation is possible.

But you need to see it to believe it.

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