Block Showcase

The Full Image Block Is As It Sounds

It is used to display a full image

As usual though, there are some options available, which you’ll see again below. Etiam eget metus felis. Integer consequat augue nec mi venenatis mattis. Ut elit sapien, placerat sit amet pulvinar at, faucibus ut magna.

Go Full Width

The image can span the entire width as well, and for both Full Width and not, you can optionally add this text box above the image with content in it, as displayed here. You can even include a button or two!

Use It To Display Videos Too

The video can play right on the page as this one does, or optionally play in a lightbox over the site. Aliquam ullamcorper aliquam ipsum a euismod. Sed elementum est id hendrerit auctor. Nam placerat vulputate justo nec ultrices. Praesent ac risus sed lectus tempus ultricies id a ex. Sed sollicitudin feugiat erat quis accumsan.