De-risk the Great Grid Upgrade

Neutralize everything from coastal flooding risks to design roadblocks

Why Partner with Neara?

Maximise resilience by shoring up vulnerable assets and stress-testing route design amid coastal flooding and erosion

Simulate coastal flooding and erosion conditions to identify which assets are most vulnerable and chart your network’s strongest, most cost-effective path to resilience. Prescribe protective measures, from full tower replacement to foundation reinforcement and flood defence wall installation to strategically re-locating certain assets. Easily execute cost-benefit analyses with the full confidence that Neara’s AI-assisted network model has every bit of context you need to drive the most effective decisions for your network and community.

Accelerate and de-risk the Great Grid Upgrade by digitising new network design and development

Digitally design the most efficient, resilient, community-friendly 90km of new network possible. Try on endless combinations of new network configurations until the right one clicks — well before major risks have a chance to derail your project in real life. Digitising new network assets means you can quickly and cost-effectively surface potential roadblocks early so that you encounter fewer speedbumps down the line — giving you ample time to identify and address potential objections. A single version of the design plan in a single platform keeps everyone on the same page, from local politicians to field engineers.

Maximise capacity expansion across existing assets with a bespoke blueprint

As the Great Grid Upgrade progresses, how can your existing assets contribute to expanding capacity across the infrastructure you already have? Collapse interconnection wait times and start moving 176GW of renewable energy out of the queue and online faster. Neara’s AI-assisted dynamic line rating functionality helps you precisely size up available capacity at scale using live weather or sensor data so you can maximize throughput from your existing network. It’s a shortcut for expanding network capacity that doesn’t cut any corners.

Where can we most cost-effectively relocate coastal assets at risk according to the latest SMP?

How much incremental capacity can we unlock across our existing network?

What are the optimal structure heights to ensure our new network design is maximally resilient?

Global utilities trust Neara to keep their networks safe from fires, floods, and more.

Digitise infrastructure upgrades so the real thing goes off without a hitch

Model damage risk and mitigation measures for coastal flooding and erosion
Maximise existing network capacity
Design for everything from record-breaking demand to ice storms
Maximum-strength disaster response
De-silo network operations in a single platform
  • Simulate coastal flooding to dial in a clear view of which towers are at risk of failure, collapse, or inaccessibility 9x faster. Neara’s model takes the full context into account — surrounding soil type, each tower’s structural integrity, and third-party data sets such as UKCP & RCP 8.5 — so you can execute precise decisions with confidence. 
  • Proactively identify which assets require imminent repair, replacement, or relocation without endangering field crews in floodwaters. 
  • Explore where MSIPs like flood defence walls and asset relocation schemes will be most impactful — and make a bulletproof case for how it will benefit ratepayers and why it’s the most optimal choice.
  • Dynamically optimise throughput by identifying pockets of latent network capacity at scale with input from live weather data or sensors in Neara’s digital network model. 
  • Once you’ve identified your assets’ limits, the network model ensures you’ve ticked all the right safety boxes, identifying small upgrades you may need to pull the trigger on more capacity —whether that’s line re-tensioning or targeted insulator placement.
  • Ensure the clean energy transition doesn’t come at the expense of reliability — facilitate a flexible supply and demand response across all network transitions to support the Great Grid Upgrade.
  • Identify new network configurations best-suited to your existing network, budget, and community and execute them 85% faster. Our AI-assisted model leaves no stone unturned meaning there’s no question you can’t answer. 
  • Understand current and future network design risks and cost-effectively assess resilience by simulating stress-tests within Neara’s model. Our model supports every asset’s full lifecycle so you can allocate resources intelligently across repairs, replacements, and relocations — faster than ever and without manual intervention. 
  • Get ahead of re-routing needs as certain asset locations may become untenable in our changing environment. Neara’s model gives you the flexibility to experiment with different routes ahead of time so you can identify the one that has an answer for every constraint you’re facing.


  • Augment real-time sensor intelligence with proactive intelligence for a maximum strength disaster response. When the clock is ticking, and water levels are rising rapidly, you need more than real-time intelligence. You need predictive intelligence to help you prepare before chaos unfolds on your doorstep. 
  • Neara’s digital model unlocks visibility into how coastal flooding, ice storms, searing heat, and more will impact every single asset in your transmission network so you can take preventive measures to keep them performing optimally. 
  • Integrate real-time sensor data alongside Neara’s predictive intelligence in a single platform to empower your team with insight into the ‘now’ and the ‘later.’ 
  • Simplify stakeholder management across all major decisions, from asset relocation schemes to new network build by easily sharing plans, cost-benefit analyses and updates in a single platform. 
  • Keep pushing the UK’s net zero goals ahead by clearly defining how much more clean energy your existing infrastructure can support, coordinating your clean supply response with distribution partners. 
  • Remove landmines from the transmission design process and keep costs down by building routing consensus early. Ensure your design is resilient against every flood event, hot summer day, and ice storm will ripple through the broader network. 

Set your network up for long-term success by simulating everything from coastal flooding to capacity expansion to understand current and future vulnerabilities

  • Neara is a physics-enabled, cloud-based platform that builds an interactive 3D model of your network and assets.
  • Stress-test existing assets and new design in a flexible digital environment so you can identify your toughest roadblocks digitally, not in the field.
  • Configure your network for maximum resilience against everything from 40 degree weather to coastal flooding and ice storms while getting the most out of every asset. 
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By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer as floodwaters rose and restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energisation of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.

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