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Stay ahead of storm risks and eliminate them 9x faster, from downed trees to water level clearance breaches

Our hyper-accurate model lets you remotely diagnose asset health and prescribe and prioritise equipment and vegetation risks. Understand how sturdy your poles and wires are today, but more importantly, fast-forward to how they will respond to 189km/h winds with rain bucketing down. Simulate storms like Ciaran in your network so you can accelerate your recovery. Critically, ensure your network is ready to face each subsequent storm as the season rolls on.

Level up your network inspections to 99% accuracy and save thousands of field visits across from Penzance to the North Sea

Set a new bar for speed, accuracy, and thoroughness across your network inspection operations — with fewer field visits. Ditch the piecemeal survey approach and arbitrary maintenance schedule for a better way to focus your attention where and when it matters most. AI-assisted remote inspections leverage more context and consistency than meets the human eye and support every asset’s full lifecycle so you can allocate resources intelligently across repairs, replacements, and relocations — faster than ever and without manual intervention.

Execute better, faster network upgrade decisions — from new network design to maximising capacity across your existing assets

With growing demand, new transmission and more renewable energy online, how will your network keep pace? Neara’s digital network model gives you the flexibility to pursue the optimal combination of new network design as well as increased throughput across your existing infrastructure. Neara’s AI-assisted model allows you to identify pockets of untapped capacity at scale by digitally re-rating lines in a controlled simulation environment. Increase design planning and efficiency by 3x and unlock up to 2x network capacity across assets you already have.

Which poles won't make it through another Ciaran?

Where are trees at greatest risk of taking out lines in winds >100km/h?

What's the fastest way to increase network capacity by 25%?

Global utilities trust Neara to keep their networks safe from fires, floods, and more.

Next-level Storm Resilience

Target storm-proofing efforts with precision
Speed storm recovery efforts
Expand network capacity using existing infrastructure
Ensure your network design can support increasing demand
De-silo network operations in a single platform
  • Simulate whipping winds, flash flooding, 40-degree heat, ice storms, and whatever else Mother Nature may bring ashore to see how your network will respond and pinpoint critical vulnerabilities. 
  • Proactively identify and address vegetation risks before they become downed trees and take your equipment down with them. Understand surrounding vegetation risks as they exist today and how they will change in whipping winds and sideways rain.
  • Find weak links in your asset base so you can prioritise the replacement and maintenance activities you need to keep your customers and teams safe, and your network energised through the storm.
  • When downed lines, fallen trees, and flood waters make it unsafe for your team to be in the field and plan power restoration, rely on Neara’s digital network model to execute a remote inspection and shave hundreds of hours off of your post-storm field inspection times. 
  • See exactly where it’s safe to restore power and when so you can do so 3x  faster to as many customers as possible. Because Neara’s model captures every nuance of your network, we equip you with a hyper-accurate read of span-by-span water levels so you can steer clear of clearance risks as you turn the lights back on. 
  • Size up the damage remotely and diagnose equipment repairs and replacement from the safety of your desk so you can accelerate repair and replacement efforts for the hardest hit parts of your network.
  • Even if your network was built to carry 20% of today’s electricity demand, Neara’s digital network model is your guide to maximising throughput across every square centimeter of your existing assets. 
  • Trade in the weeks-long, manual line rating studies and digitally rerate your lines at scale in Neara’s digital model to unlock up to 2x network capacity.
  • Tick all the safety boxes and see where running more energy through your network may require taller poles or small, targeted upgrades to meet clearance requirements. 
  • Make more clean energy available in new network design 85% faster. Neara’s AI-assisted network model helps you seamlessly navigate key constraints on the fly, from flood zoning to double-decker route clearances. 
  • Collaborate efficiently with every third party, ensuring proper data governance across design and maintenance workflows. Automate manual processes and ensure your distribution design is optimized for both performance and the community you serve.
  • Build stakeholder consensus early with easily shareable design models that are legible to everyone, from local politicians to design engineers. Blunt skeptics and show you’ve already considered all of their objections by bringing them to life and surfacing potential solutions in Neara’s network model.
  • Defragment your network understanding by empowering every team with a single version of the truth on your network’s health and optimisation priorities. A uniform understanding results in an intelligent budget and consistent risk definition and prioritisation framework. 
  • See how every design change, pruning job, and hot summer day will ripple through the network and affect different teams’ operations. De-risk every initiative from vegetation to line rating and emergency response by ensuring everyone works from the same, up-to-date information.
  • Build data-driven consensus about which grid hardening initiatives will be most impactful, whether that’s installing taller poles in more flood-resilient material or adding more stays and cable spacers to protect your equipment from wind.

Simulate all types of network stress, from 40 degree weather to ice storms, with 99% accuracy to understand current and future vulnerabilities

  • Neara is a physics-enabled, cloud-based platform that builds an interactive 3D model of your network and assets.
  • Digitally stress-test your assets in advance so you can target grid hardening with laser precision and identify the fastest path to power restoration.
  • De-risk every initiative from vegetation to line rating and emergency response by ensuring everyone works from the same, up-to-date information. 
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By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer as floodwaters rose and restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energisation of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.

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