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Why Partner with Neara?

Level up your network inspections to 99% accuracy and save thousands of field visits from New York to Massachusetts

Achieve a new standard of speed, accuracy, and thoroughness across your network monitoring and optimization efforts — and save thousands of field visits. Ditch the blanket top-to-bottom network surveys and arbitrary maintenance schedules. AI-assisted remote inspections leverage more context and consistency than meets the human eye and support a “just-in-time” equipment and vegetation maintenance strategy that efficiently and cost-effectively covers all of your bases.

Stay ahead of risks and eliminate them 9x faster, from downed trees to water level clearance breaches

Our hyper-accurate model accounts for every asset, even if it’s not in your GIS — every upstate spruce tree, cable width, and one-degree change in ground slope. Industry-leading accuracy means you can trust our model to diagnose asset health and prescribe and prioritize vegetation risks for cost-effective storm-proofing. Simulate Nor’Easters, ice storms, summer storm surge, and everything in between to understand more than just the state of your assets today — but how they will respond to >40 mph winds and flash flooding.

Execute and defend better, faster decisions to keep your 20 million customers safe

Network-wide remote inspections mean you can effectively rank-order risks according to consistent, bespoke criteria — with easy-to-audit data to back your decisions. Digital inspections empower you with the data you need to execute the decisions that impact your customers most. When and where can you keep the power on? What are your budget requirements vs. current rates? Which grid-hardening investments will be most beneficial? From storm-proofing to storm recovery, don’t get stuck in a blame game or red tape — let the data speak for itself.

Which poles will fail in a 100-year wind storm?

How many Nor’Easters can our current budget accommodate?

Where should we consider new concrete pole foundations for more stability in a flash flood?

Global utilities trust Neara to keep their networks safe from fires, floods, and more.

Next-level Storm Resilience

Resolve critical
GIS discrepancies
Target storm-proofing
efforts with precision
Accelerate storm
recovery efforts
More budgeting foresight,
less guesswork
De-silo network operations
in a single platform
  • Set the record straight on exactly where your assets are. Resolve critical GIS discrepancies with Neara’s hyper-accurate network model — from the decaying undocumented poles missing from your maintenance schedules to the cables with the incorrect width throwing off your sag and sway calculations. 
  • Know exactly where to send crews for maintenance to keep field visits safe and efficient. 
  • Keep your customers safe from undocumented risks and your network safe from liability. Equip all of your teams with high-quality data they can rely on, and you can stand behind as you make critical safety and rate case decisions. 
  • Simulate ice storms, flash flooding, extreme heat, and whatever else Mother Nature may bring to the Northeast to see how your network will respond and pinpoint critical vulnerabilities. 
  • Proactively identify and address vegetation risks before they become downed trees and take your equipment down with them. Understand surrounding vegetation risks as they exist today and how they will change in whipping winds and sideways downpours. 
  • Find weak links across your asset base to prioritize the replacement and maintenance activities you need to keep your customers and teams safe and your network energized through the storm — and ensure they’re taken care of when it matters most.
  • When downed lines, fallen trees, and flood waters make it unsafe for your team to be in the field and plan power restoration, you can count on Neara’s digital network model to execute a remote inspection and shave hundreds of hours off your post-storm field inspection times. 
  • See exactly where it’s safe to restore power and when so you can do so 3x  faster to as many customers as possible. Because Neara’s model captures every nuance of your network, we equip you with a hyper-accurate read of span-by-span water levels so you can steer clear of clearance risks as you turn the lights back on. 
  • Size up the damage remotely and diagnose equipment repairs and replacement from the safety of your desk so you can accelerate repair and replacement efforts for the hardest hit parts of your network.
  • When you clearly understand what your network needs to survive the next several storm seasons, budgeting feels more like foresight and less like guesswork. Get your network what it needs with less back-and-forth and less red tape. 
  • Stop playing catch-up with storm recovery costs from years past. When you can pull data from Neara’s network model to show stakeholders that your continued commitment to storm recovery is resulting in fewer hazards and greater resilience, you’ll crush skepticism and get back to planning for the future instead of getting stuck in the past. 
  • You know there’s much more to equipment health than age, but without Neara’s AI-assisted model, putting that into practice is easier said than done. Leave the default big-ticket replacement schedules to past budget cycles and surface substantial savings by laser-focusing funds on the assets that fail your digital stress test. 
  • De-fragment your network understanding by empowering every team with a single version of the truth on your network’s health and optimization priorities. A uniform understanding results in an intelligent budget and consistent risk definition and prioritization framework. 
  • See how every design change, pruning job, and hot summer day will ripple through the network and affect different teams’ operations. De-risk every initiative from vegetation to line rating and emergency response by ensuring everyone is working from the same, up-to-date information.
  • Build data-driven consensus about which grid hardening initiatives will be most impactful, whether that’s installing taller poles in more flood-resilient material or adding more stays and cable spacers to protect your equipment from wind.

Simulate everything from summer downpours to winter ice storms so you can make sure your assets, budget and teams are ready for everything.

  • Neara is a physics-enabled, cloud-based platform that builds an interactive 3D model of your network and assets.
  • Design for maximum resilience against floods, wind, heat waves and more and surface roadblocks before they unfold in the field.
  • Efficiently target your grid hardening spend and prove that  your strategy is on the right track.
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By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer as floodwaters rose and restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energisation of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.

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