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Why Partner with Neara?

Set the record straight on your existing assets — even if your GIS needs some work

More and more peak demand records means there’s no room for guesswork or undocumented assets. You can’t de-risk or enhance performance across equipment you’re not aware of. Get clarity on the location, configuration, and health of all of your assets across all 140k miles of transmission and distribution. Especially as you prepare to serve a growing population, you can count on Neara’s model to support the full lifecycle across all of your assets. Understand exactly which assets need repairs and replacements, and where you need new infrastructure to support new customers and growing capacity requirements.

Diagnose exactly what your network needs and save thousands of field visits

Achieve a new standard of speed, accuracy, and thoroughness across your network inspection efforts while saving thousands of field visits. Ditch the piecemeal network surveys and arbitrary maintenance schedules for AI-assisted remote inspections in Neara’s model that leverage more context and consistency than meets the human eye so you know exactly what needs your attention. Simulate every scenario that threatens your network’s reliability from hail storms to searing heat. Rise to peak demand challenges with confidence with a two-pronged approach that helps you get the most of current assets and identifies the specific network upgrades that will deliver maximum benefit.

Make better, faster decisions to safely keep the lights on for your 3.8m and growing customers — and prove they’re the right ones

Accelerate the decisions that matter most to proactively maximize resilience and reliability across every single asset. Need to expand network capacity? See how much more you can get out of your current assets before you build new infrastructure. Need to minimize flood-related disruptions? See exactly where swapping in taller poles can help you keep the lights on vs. jumping to widespread pole replacement. Building new distribution? Stress-test your design against wind conditions and new roadway clearance. Neara’s model empowers you to build stakeholder consensus around your decisions with easy-to-audit data.

Can your existing assets satisfy your next peak demand record?

How long can you keep the power on during your next flash flood?

Which poles won't make it through another Uri?

Global utilities trust Neara to keep their networks safe from fires, floods, and more.

Long-Term Resilience is More Than Your Response

Resolve critical
GIS discrepancies
Proactively adapt to
Texas' weather extremes
De-risk and fast-track
new T&D network design
Expand network capacity
with existing assets
  • Don’t let undocumented assets throw a wrench in your best laid plans with Neara’s hyper-accurate network model — from the poles on their last legs missing from your maintenance schedule to the undocumented stays throwing off your pole loading assessment. Only when you know which assets you have and their exact location can you diagnose their health and prioritize repairs and replacements.
  • Know exactly where to send crews for maintenance to keep field visits safe and efficient. Keep your customers safe from undocumented risks and your network safe from liability.
  • Ensure new network design plans are compatible with all of your assets, even the ones missing from your GIS. Equip all of your teams with high-quality data they can rely on, and you can stand behind as you make critical safety and rate case decisions.
  • Which poles won’t stand up to a hailstorm? Where will higher winds than usual upend your vegetation program? Where will you breach clearance standards during a heatwave? Bring every scenario to life in Neara’s model, not the field, and maximize resilience ahead of time.  
  • Target specific upgrades with pinpoint precision to maximize mileage from every O&M dollar and laser focus field time on the risks that matter most — see exactly where stays, taller poles, and thinner cables might just save the day. 
  • Recover faster. When Mother Nature makes it unsafe for your team to be in the field and plan power restoration, rely on Neara’s digital network model to execute a remote inspection and shave hundreds of hours off of your post-storm field inspection times.
  • Bring new network design to life 85% faster in Neara’s digital network model. Navigate critical decision considerations on-the-fly, from land use requirements to clearance thresholds and local weather nuances. 
  • Cut the red tape. Collaborate efficiently with every third-party, ensuring proper data governance across design and maintenance workflows. Automate manual processes and ensure your network design is optimized for performance and the community you serve. 
  • Build stakeholder consensus early with easily shareable design models that are legible to everyone, from local politicians to design engineers. Blunt skeptics and show you’ve already considered all of their objections by bringing them to life and surfacing potential solutions in Neara’s network model.
  • Neara’s digital model is your guide to maximizing throughput across every square inch of your existing network. Check all the safety boxes and see where running more energy through your network may require taller poles or small, targeted upgrades to meet clearance requirements. 
  • Trade in the weeks-long, manual line rating studies and digitally rerate your distribution lines at scale in Neara’s digital model to unlock up to 2x network capacity. 
  • Dynamically optimize transmission productivity by identifying pockets of latent network capacity at scale with input from live weather data or sensors in Neara’s digital network model.

Simulate all types of network stress, from peak demand to extreme Texas weather, with 99% accuracy to understand current and future vulnerabilities

  • Neara is a physics-enabled, cloud-based platform that builds an interactive 3D model of your network and assets.
  • Design for growing demand, floods, fires and more and surface roadblocks before they unfold in the field.
  • Efficiently target your grid hardening spend and prove that  your strategy is on the right track.
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By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer as floodwaters rose and restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energisation of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.

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Save thousands of field visits
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