Energy Central: Investing in the Grid for Reliability & Resiliency

A reliable, resilient grid requires a two-fold, tightly intertwined approach that simultaneously fortifies our infrastructure while we shift our energy mix to renewables.

Case Study: Renewables – Essential Energy

Using Neara’s 3D digital network model, Essential Energy discovered that they could double the energy capacity across their existing network.

Energy Unplugged: Aurora Energy Research Episode 143 feat. Jack Curtis

Neara COO, Jack Curtis, joined Managing Director in APAC and California, Hugo Batten, and Head of Research in APAC, James Ha from Aurora Energy Research.

Renew Economy: Grid has untapped capacity that could be used by renewables. But networks can’t see it.

Investing in the electricity grid for reliability and resiliency is crucial for ensuring a stable and secure energy supply.

Energy Insiders Podcast: Game Changer for Networks and Renewables

Jack Curtis on the new software that reveals how networks have double the capacity to host renewables and storage.

Australian Financial Review: How AI Unlocked Capacity Across NSW’s Energy Grid

The Neara tech model allows infrastructure firms to design or redesign parts of the network, analyse potential risks, and understand its physical constraints.

Ecogeneration: Holistic Data Solutions in the Transition to Clean Energy

Maximising the efficiency of existing grid infrastructure through data is essential as Australia transitions to renewable energy.

Neara: Overview

Learn how our innovative digital twin technology can help utilities modernize the grid for the future.

Neara’s Jack Curtis featured in April issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly

Public Utilities Fortnightly sat down with Jack Curtis, Neara's Chief Commercial Officer, to discuss addressing utilities' challenges from Australia to America.

Green Energy Transition for Utilities with Neara

As utilities support more renewable energy sources, it amplifies the need to understand where their assets are, their health, and where they will pose a risk.

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