Webinar Recap: Automating Spatial Insights – Maximizing LiDAR Adoption & ROI

During our recent webinar, panelists Jessica Slaughter and Jordan Miller highlighted some common barriers for companies looking to optimize their processes utilizing LiDAR.

Neara on Energize’s Top 30 Software Innovators of 2023 List

We are honored to be included in Energize Venture's Top 30 Software Innovators for 2023.

Three Common Manual Utility LiDAR Classification Errors

Today’s AI/ML technology can not only help geospatial companies and utility divisions speed classification, but it can also significantly improve accuracy and consistency.

Revolutionary self-service automated LiDAR classification now available

Neara, a leading climate tech software platform and provider of 3D interactive simulation models of critical infrastructure, today announced its revolutionary automated LiDAR

Recap: The Evolution of Digital Twins and Virtual Environments

How next generation digital twins are changing asset management and delivering benefits

Recap: LiDAR. Seriously, It’s Worth It.

For utilities, LiDAR scans of distribution infrastructure offer mission-critical insight that helps them optimize processes and mitigate risks network-wide.

10 Ways the Neara Platform is Better

We're often asked what makes Neara different. Here are ten things you can do with Neara’s digital twin, and ten reasons why they could benefit your utility.

Neara: Overview

Learn how our innovative digital twin technology can help utilities modernize the grid for the future.

Neara Platform: How It Works

With the digital twin of your network in place within the Neara platform, leverage it to solve different problems for other business units in order to achieve a broad range of

Group picture of Neara employees

Neara on the Square Peg Founder Stories Podcast

Learn about how our executive team - Daniel Danilatos, Karamvir Singh, and Jack Curtis - banded together to create Neara!

Power Lines Pro raises $7.25m in Series A, rebranding to Neara in global expansion

Australian utility SaaS business, Neara (formerly Power Lines Pro), has raised AUD7.25 million in a Series A funding round led by Square Peg Capital.

Post-storm GIS Correction

Accelerate and enhance corrective maintenance programs through the automation of asset data capture.

Transmission Route Design Optimization

A global engineering company was required to define a transmission line route in order to connect a renewable energy source to the power grid.

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