ECD: Optimising Australian Networks and Speeding Electrification


In 2023, reports, including one from the New South Wales Government, highlight Australia’s energy sector challenge: the need to diversify the clean energy transition or risk grid reliability. Digital analysis is crucial for optimizing the grid beyond physical projects. Australian network providers use AI to unlock untapped capacity, aiming to de-risk the transition and stabilize energy supply as renewables expand.

Digital modeling reveals up to 10 gigawatts of untapped capacity in the NSW grid, requiring minimal investment. Neara’s AI modeling of Essential Energy’s network unlocks significant capacity, allowing larger solar installations. Digital line ratings, like Neara’s platform, identify opportunities to double line capacity, providing flexibility and contrast to manual methods.

The convergence of technology and innovative data sources, including LiDAR and satellite imagery, shapes a sustainable energy future. This shift from manual to data-driven analysis is crucial for unlocking capacity and achieving clean energy goals by 2030 and 2050.


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