Engineer Live: How can AI digital twins help climate-proof our energy infrastructure?


As climate change intensifies, the need to safeguard energy infrastructure against extreme weather is more urgent than ever. In Ireland, the frequency and intensity of storms have put ESB Networks, which serves 2.4 million customers, on high alert. To fortify its extensive transmission network spanning over 7,500km, ESB Networks has turned to a cutting-edge solution: AI-powered digital twins.

Engineer Live recently wrote an article on Neara’s partnership with ESB Networks to develop detailed digital replicas of its grid. These 3D models, constructed from LiDAR, geospatial, and satellite data, allow for sophisticated analysis and simulation of real-world conditions. This enables a granular look at the network, identifying weak points and potential hazards such as vegetation encroachment and aging infrastructure.

The implementation of Neara’s technology revolutionizes how ESB Networks manages risks and maintains the grid. It accelerates reporting and analysis from months to mere weeks, streamlining the process of pinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities. For example, by using the digital twin, high-risk areas for potential power line failures due to falling trees can be proactively managed, significantly reducing the likelihood of outages.

For a deeper dive into how AI digital twins are transforming energy infrastructure, read the full article here.

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