Producing network damage analysis and reporting in the midst of a flood emergency.

In March 2021, an Australian utility’s network was heavily inundated by unprecedented flooding. The utility faced significant outages and asset damage across its network.

The utility’s team was already utilizing Neara Designer to accelerate their design process. When the flood emergency occurred, they approached the Neara team for an urgent and immediate solution to be able to understand the effect of the floods on their network.

Neara delivers a true digital twin for the infrastructure industry, enabling complex engineering-grade analysis automatically and at a whole-of-network scale.

Neara Designer is a cloud-based, network engineering, and design tool. Neara Analytics is a network-wide, fully customizable analytics and reporting platform.

Leveraging Neara Designer and Analytics, we implemented a variety of flood-mapping tools for the utility. These included: 

  • A “floodwater simulator” with user-defined water depth that could be run across the network
  • Output reports for flood-water height per pole and span-submersion events
  • Polygon layers for expected flood areas from open-source government data

Network-wide reports on flood activity were visible and editable in Neara Analytics within 48 hours of the emergency commencing - as flood waters were still rising.

The utility actively used the flood-mapping features to assist in power restoration to customers. The reports produced helped the utility to prioritize pole inspections and to understand possible hazards before going to the site.

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