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Only have some of the data inputs to build a digital twin on the Neara Platform? There is a LOT you can do with even a portion of your data to gain meaningful, actionable insights. Not only will it help prioritize where your data capture gaps are, it will provide you with new intelligence on the health of your network.

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Neara Spatial Modules

Neara Spatial Modules

Purpose-built for utilities to simplify and accelerate all stages of geospatial data processing.

Eliminate siloed systems with an all-in-one solution to host, process, classify, visualize and analyze point cloud data. Accelerate and simplify LiDAR classification and feature extraction, to deliver outputs up to 30x faster than industry software.


  • Dynamically visualize your point cloud data
  • Automatic data cleaning at scale
  • Secure cloud-based data hosting
  • Auto-classify raw LiDAR at scale
  • Cloud-based collaboration

Neara Design Modules

Neara Design Modules

Cloud-based, network engineering and design tools to accelerate the design process with greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Accelerate network engineering and digitization processes by automatically generating network models from geospatial data. LiDAR, DXF, GiS, and other data sources can be used to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of network assets.


  • Overhead design functionality
  • Sophisticated 3D visualization
  • Intuitive interface and design tools
  • Full customization from asset libraries to exporting
  • Real-time calculations
  • Cloud-based collaboration

Neara Analyze Modules

Neara Analyze Modules

Network-wide, fully-customizable analytics and reporting solutions. Combine detailed per-asset analysis with analysis at network scale.

View and analyze results globally, or drill into individual asset details in a 3D interactive environment. Through an engineering-grade digital twin, gain unparalleled control and comprehension of all network assets.


  • Network-wide analysis and asset management
  • Engineering-grade modeling
  • Centralized data in the digital twin
  • Integrated end-to-end platform for solving multiple pain points (OR for addressing multiple challenges)
  • Cloud-based collaboration

Identify problems you’ll solve today. Expand later.

Sign up for a free trial of Neara’s Design Modules,
or request a demo of Neara’s Analyze or Spatial Modules.

Leverage your own data in a new way, and find the optimal fix to an ongoing problem. See firsthand how Neara can help simplify and accelerate the way you address industry challenges.

Let us earn the right to work with you.

When evaluating Neara, we’re encouraging critical infrastructure owners and operators to try using our technology to solve problems in a better way while achieving their same goals for safety and reliability – a way that is more cost effective and efficient without increasing risk exposure, and delivers greater long-term ROI.

Overhead module graphic

Pilot in a safe, secure, no-risk environment.

Engage in a pilot to evaluate Neara’s technology and gain a greater understanding of your network assets and environment. Test in a safe and secure environment to identify gaps, risks or inherent value in the technology itself. There is no risk to your network operations or data.

Easy to deploy and use.

With our pre-customized design and analytics functionality, utilities can quickly deploy and start using Neara across internal teams.

Neara Pilot Project Framework

Our pilots take approximately 4 months (depending on scope of work), delivering immediate business value with low resource commitments required from your company.

Agree on scope and gather data

  • Determine section of network and functional scope for pilot
  • Obtain existing data on your network

Build digital twin on the Neara Platform

  • Ingest, process, and unify data sets
  • Review and refine the digital twin with additional data where needed

Configure selected module(s)

  • Create custom formulas and build reports and dashboards based on selected Modules
  • Deliver selected Module insights

Pilot completion

  • Confirm expected results and value
  • Understand impact, if any, to internal workflows and processes
  • Identify improved solutions based on pilot results

Pilot outcomes

  • Accurate 3D digital twin of your network on a single platform, with flexibility to edit asset location/properties and expand to add your whole network
  • Enable analysis of your network conditions under various environmental stresses
  • Enable a data-driven approach to grid hardening
  • More efficient network planning

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