Maddyness: Climate tech is about much more than carbon


Climate technology extends far beyond addressing carbon emissions. Despite the challenging market conditions, startup investments in climate tech remain popular due to the increasing urgency of climate action. While the focus is often on technologies reducing carbon emissions, such as capture, removal, or offsetting, it’s essential to recognize that carbon is just the tip of the iceberg in technology’s role for a cleaner, safer energy future.

Climate tech encompasses more than carbon reduction; it includes innovations for climate-proofing infrastructure and optimizing renewable energy transmission. Technologies like AI-enabled network optimization software, grid flexibility solutions, and energy storage play a crucial role in revolutionizing our approach to climate action, enhancing resource resilience against evolving changes.

One significant area addresses the impact of extreme weather events. Technologies like digital modeling, AI, and machine learning enable accurate and efficient simulation of extreme weather conditions, helping utilities proactively protect assets and enhance infrastructure resilience.

Another critical aspect is increasing grid flexibility, especially as reliance on renewable energy grows. Innovations like long-duration energy storage and flexibility marketplaces support effective and sustainable grid flexibility on a larger scale, avoiding overreliance on fossil fuels during peak demand.

Additionally, technologies facilitating a faster transition to clean energy are vital. Digital line rating, powered by AI and digital modeling, identifies latent capacity in existing infrastructure, allowing for a more efficient and safer integration of renewable energy into current networks.

In summary, the full potential of climate tech goes beyond carbon reduction, encompassing solutions that climate-proof infrastructure, enhance grid flexibility, and accelerate the transition to clean energy. Recognizing the diverse applications of climate technology provides a promising vision for a brighter, more sustainable future. Taco Engelaar, Senior Vice President at Neara, emphasizes the importance of understanding the broader picture of climate tech’s capabilities in addressing global challenges.


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