A digital model can become a utility’s primary source of information for all structural and environmental analysis. Two key issues that digital twins address are communication and collaboration - between both internal teams and when involving third parties. 

By being able to export reports, 3D designs, imagery, and specify adjustments, a digital twin such as Power Lines Pro will alleviate difficulties in communicating ideas or instructions between parties. This is especially important in situations such as trying to put forward new development concepts to managers or communicate exact instructions to external field teams.

You can use Power Lines Pro to audit the work of third parties, by comparing data post-operation with the specified plans. The software can ascertain if the intended tasks were performed correctly and if there are any discrepancies in the data.

Power Lines Pro offers many exporting capabilities, to enable teams, even when using different platforms, to collaborate with ease and efficiency. From DXF profile and plan exports to KML, and reporting options like Tipload, stringing tables, FEA, and bill of materials, Power Lines Pro aims to make sharing information effortless. 

If you have any questions about how to use PLP to improve team collaboration, or are interested in trialing Power Lines Pro, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case - contact us via info@powerlinespro.com