Press Coverage

Neara Partners with Southern California Edison to Enhance Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Neara’s AI-enabled simulation and analytics platform augments SCE’s ability to mitigate the effects of extreme weather via modeling network and vegetation risks

Neara Closes $24M Series B to Mitigate Utilities’ Climate Risks and Accelerate Renewable Energy

Prosus Ventures invests in $10M Series B extension, augmenting the company’s AI capabilities in natural disaster mitigation and clean energy integration

Energy Central: Investing in the Grid for Reliability & Resiliency

A reliable, resilient grid requires a two-fold, tightly intertwined approach that simultaneously fortifies our infrastructure while we shift our energy mix to renewables.

Utility Magazine: Embracing technology to safeguard citizens in extreme weather events

In response to the devastating 2022–23 River Murray flooding crisis, SAPN dramatically transformed its flood response with Neara.

Energy Unplugged: Aurora Energy Research Episode 143 feat. Jack Curtis

Neara COO, Jack Curtis, joined Managing Director in APAC and California, Hugo Batten, and Head of Research in APAC, James Ha from Aurora Energy Research.

Renew Economy: Grid has untapped capacity that could be used by renewables. But networks can’t see it.

Investing in the electricity grid for reliability and resiliency is crucial for ensuring a stable and secure energy supply.

Webinar Recap: Automating Spatial Insights – Maximizing LiDAR Adoption & ROI

During our recent webinar, panelists Jessica Slaughter and Jordan Miller highlighted some common barriers for companies looking to optimize their processes utilizing LiDAR.

News 10: South Australian Power Networks Utilizing Neara’s Network Modeling

SA Power Networks used our AI-powered modeling capabilities to bring power line regeneration times down from from three weeks to just five days.

Neara on Energize’s Top 30 Software Innovators of 2023 List

We are honored to be included in Energize Venture's Top 30 Software Innovators for 2023.

Energy Insiders Podcast: Game Changer for Networks and Renewables

Jack Curtis on the new software that reveals how networks have double the capacity to host renewables and storage.

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