Neara helps identify clearances for vegetation management

The Vegetation Management Playbook

A battle-tested approach to risk-based inspections that improve SAIDI/SAIFI, reduce wildfire risk and put you back in control of a constantly shifting environment.

Neara Partners with Southern California Edison to Enhance Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Neara’s AI-enabled simulation and analytics platform augments SCE’s ability to mitigate the effects of extreme weather via modeling network and vegetation risks

The Wildfire Management Playbook

Enhancing your wildfire emergency response plan with scenario-based, 3D digital modeling

Case Study: Network Health & Reliability

The utility has saved hundreds of field visits, identifying and prioritizing vegetation risks up to 10x faster than they previously could.

Get Ahead of Wildfires with a Digital Twin

The use of a highly accurate, interactive 3-D digital twin can remove a lot of the guesswork involved in planning for and responding to wildfires.

Grid Hardening for Storm Resiliency

Neara’s grid hardening solutions help utilities understand their whole network.

10 Ways the Neara Platform is Better

We're often asked what makes Neara different. Here are ten things you can do with Neara’s digital twin, and ten reasons why they could benefit your utility.

Life Cycle Solution: Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Understand wildfire risk across your whole network. Neara’s end-to-end packaged solution for wildfire risk mitigation and disaster response comprises four stages.

Neara: Vegetation Management

Using Neara’s digital twin combined with vegetation management specific functionality, utilities can take vegetation management and optimization into their own hands.

Ausgrid partners with Neara to optimize network management and performance

Since its Series A funding, Neara has been working with a number of U.S. utilities, helping to pilot a suite of digital solutions.

Vegetation Encroachment and Clearance

Neara takes a systematic approach to vegetation management, in which identification of encroachment is only the first step.

Analyzing Wildfire Risks

Neara enables a systematic approach to wildfire-related risk assessment and risk management.

Post-storm GIS Correction

Accelerate and enhance corrective maintenance programs through the automation of asset data capture.

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