How SCE is reducing wildfire risk

Recap: Reducing Wildfire Risk with Analytics and Automation & AI Modeling Advancement

Read the recap from Neara's discussion with SCE on reducing wildfire risks with unified analytics and automation as well as the advancements in AI modeling and imagery.

WSJ: Australian Startups Hope New Migration Strategy Fills Skills Shortages

Australia revamps immigration to curb post-pandemic influx, predicting a 14% drop. New visas for green tech aim to attract skilled talent, prioritizing quality over quantity,

TNW: What’s in Store for Europe’s Climate Tech Ecosystem in 2024

Challenges in 2023 for climate tech, but 2024 brings hope with AI growth, sustainability focus, and resilience emphasis in the face of climate change.

Case Study: Network Digitization – Empact Engineering

Growing complexity in EMPACT’s scope revealed the limitations of legacy technology solutions that worked in the past but proved ill-equipped to confront today’s challenges.

The Engineer: How AI can help free grid capacity

Taco Engelaar, Senior Vice President at Neara, explains how AI and digital line rating can help unlock latent grid capacity and speed up the energy transition.

Clean Technica: Can AI Really Create 3D Models That Help With Wildfire Risk Reduction?

Are we coming to a time in which we’ll be able to simulate and prepare for extreme weather and natural disasters before they happen?

Neara Partners with Southern California Edison to Enhance Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Neara’s AI-enabled simulation and analytics platform augments SCE’s ability to mitigate the effects of extreme weather via modeling network and vegetation risks

Neara Closes $24M Series B to Mitigate Utilities’ Climate Risks and Accelerate Renewable Energy

Prosus Ventures invests in $10M Series B extension, augmenting the company’s AI capabilities in natural disaster mitigation and clean energy integration

The Hurricane Management Playbook

Hurricanes are among the most widespread, catastrophic weather phenomena that nature can unleash. And when utilities aren’t prepared, the consequences can be deadly.

The Wildfire Management Playbook

Enhancing your wildfire emergency response plan with scenario-based, 3D digital modeling

The Flood Management Playbook

Keeping safety and reliability standards above water

Case Study: Weather – Endeavour Energy

As a flood emergency unfolded, the utility approached Neara for an urgent solution to diagnose and minimize the flood’s impact on customers, communities and network health.

Energy Central: Investing in the Grid for Reliability & Resiliency

A reliable, resilient grid requires a two-fold, tightly intertwined approach that simultaneously fortifies our infrastructure while we shift our energy mix to renewables.

Case Study: Renewables – Essential Energy

Using Neara’s 3D digital network model, Essential Energy discovered that they could double the energy capacity across their existing network.

Case Study: Weather – SAPN

SA Power Networks partnered with Neara to assess network damage and risk through digital flood impact modeling.

Case Study: Network Health & Reliability

The utility has saved hundreds of field visits, identifying and prioritizing vegetation risks up to 10x faster than they previously could.

Case Study: Network Digitization

A large Australian utility with >150k kilometres ( > 90k miles) of network under management and over one million poles partnered with Neara to better understand their assets.

Utility Magazine: Embracing technology to safeguard citizens in extreme weather events

In response to the devastating 2022–23 River Murray flooding crisis, SAPN dramatically transformed its flood response with Neara.

Energy Unplugged: Aurora Energy Research Episode 143 feat. Jack Curtis

Neara COO, Jack Curtis, joined Managing Director in APAC and California, Hugo Batten, and Head of Research in APAC, James Ha from Aurora Energy Research.

Renew Economy: Grid has untapped capacity that could be used by renewables. But networks can’t see it.

Investing in the electricity grid for reliability and resiliency is crucial for ensuring a stable and secure energy supply.

News 10: South Australian Power Networks Utilizing Neara’s Network Modeling

SA Power Networks used our AI-powered modeling capabilities to bring power line regeneration times down from from three weeks to just five days.

Neara on Energize’s Top 30 Software Innovators of 2023 List

We are honored to be included in Energize Venture's Top 30 Software Innovators for 2023.

Energy Insiders Podcast: Game Changer for Networks and Renewables

Jack Curtis on the new software that reveals how networks have double the capacity to host renewables and storage.

Australian Financial Review: How AI Unlocked Capacity Across NSW’s Energy Grid

The Neara tech model allows infrastructure firms to design or redesign parts of the network, analyse potential risks, and understand its physical constraints.

Ecogeneration: Holistic Data Solutions in the Transition to Clean Energy

Maximising the efficiency of existing grid infrastructure through data is essential as Australia transitions to renewable energy.

Endeavour Energy wins Energy Networks Australia 2022 Industry Innovation Award

Delivered in partnership with leading software developer Neara, the digital twin has revolutionized Endeavour Energy’s response to critical emergency events.

Mitigate Flood Risk with a Digital Twin

For power utilities, digital twins can now create a 3-D model of the network to optimize investments, identify and mitigate risk, and streamline operations.

Get Ahead of Wildfires with a Digital Twin

The use of a highly accurate, interactive 3-D digital twin can remove a lot of the guesswork involved in planning for and responding to wildfires.

Grid Hardening for Storm Resiliency

Neara’s grid hardening solutions help utilities understand their whole network.

Hurricane Preparedness Utilizing a 3D Digital Twin

Neara’s platform delivers an end-to-end workflow for hurricane preparedness for utility companies.

Neara Secures USD14M Series B Funding; Expanding Global Focus

Since its Series A funding, Neara has been working with a number of U.S. utilities, helping to pilot a suite of digital solutions.

10 Ways the Neara Platform is Better

We're often asked what makes Neara different. Here are ten things you can do with Neara’s digital twin, and ten reasons why they could benefit your utility.

Life Cycle Solution: Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Understand wildfire risk across your whole network. Neara’s end-to-end packaged solution for wildfire risk mitigation and disaster response comprises four stages.

Neara: Overview

Learn how our innovative digital twin technology can help utilities modernize the grid for the future.

Neara Platform: How It Works

With the digital twin of your network in place within the Neara platform, leverage it to solve different problems for other business units in order to achieve a broad range of

Neara: Climate & Weather Resilience

With Neara’s next-generation digital twin technology and AI / machine learning based insights, utilities can focus on where the risk is, or will be, during extreme events.

Neara: Vegetation Management

Using Neara’s digital twin combined with vegetation management specific functionality, utilities can take vegetation management and optimization into their own hands.

Neara: Structural Analysis

With Neara’s next-generation physics-enabled digital twin technology, utilities can more easily maintain the structural integrity of poles and assets.

LiDAR Utilization for Utilities

Neara’s digital twin platform offers a comprehensive solution for utilities seeking to maximize the value of LiDAR data capture.

Neara’s Jack Curtis featured in April issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly

Public Utilities Fortnightly sat down with Jack Curtis, Neara's Chief Commercial Officer, to discuss addressing utilities' challenges from Australia to America.

Green Energy Transition for Utilities with Neara

As utilities support more renewable energy sources, it amplifies the need to understand where their assets are, their health, and where they will pose a risk.

Neara’s Rob Brook featured in February issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly

Public Utilities Fortnightly sat down with Neara's General Manager-Americas, Rob Brook, to discuss resiliency of critical infrastructure with a digital twin.

Ausgrid partners with Neara to optimize network management and performance

Since its Series A funding, Neara has been working with a number of U.S. utilities, helping to pilot a suite of digital solutions.

Endeavour Energy pioneers Neara digital twin in transition to modern grid

Endeavour Energy is the first electricity network in Australia to deploy an engineering grade digital twin to combat the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.

Overhead and Underground Network Design

Neara’s design tools have been widely adopted by energy utilities as an overhead line design solution.

Vegetation Encroachment and Clearance

Neara takes a systematic approach to vegetation management, in which identification of encroachment is only the first step.

Mitigating Risks for Hurricane Season

The frequency of storms is rising and utilities are on the frontlines of their devastating impacts to critical infrastructure.

Team and Third-Party Collaboration

With a customizable and editable 3D model, a utility’s internal teams and external collaborators can share a dynamic primary source of information.

Pole Inspection at Scale

Pole health inspection is a prime example of how difficult it is for utilities to assess their network, especially given the geographic dispersion of assets.

Neara teams up with TransGrid and Endeavour Energy in EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program

Neara teams up with TransGrid and Endeavour Energy in EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program for Australian utilities and startups.

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